By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

Many children are bothered by the negative actions of other children. When children see others being bullied, they really do not like the bullying. They do not feel good inside about the situation. Many children walk away not because they do not care, they walk away because it is a negative situation and they feel if they tell on the bullies they will be the next victims.

One good action is to take action and report the bullying to their parents.The parents can secretly phone the school and talk to the teachers and administrators about the bullying which at times takes place on the playground when no one is watching or listening. Teachers cannot see everything around them because there are so many children to supervise. Administrators also need to be informed because they also cannot possibly see everything which goes on.

Taking action means to take action in a safe and positive way.

In Heavy Hitter Anna Maria took action because she felt supported by her teacher and classmates. Becky finally became a hero because she felt supported and respected. The bullies saw they could not get away with their negative actions so the bullying stopped.