By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

Many Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who bought my book “Heavy Hitter.” Your support is greatly appreciated. My book signing adventures were AWESOME. I also enjoyed listening to children who shared their stories with me.

My contribution is through storytelling. I encourage children who experience bullying to tell their story to their parents, friends, teachers and responsible adults who care.

Storytelling and story writing help us to express our feelings. I encourage you to write your story and express your feelings. Draw your story and illustrate your emotions.

There are many caring people who STEP UP. They are engaged in conversations about how to STEP UP because they know there are many positive ways to approach bullying and to get to the root of the problem.

By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

When bullying incidents occur on the playground there are many children who will STEP UP and help. These are the leaders. Many victims are helped by children who care and understand what the victim is feeling.

By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

It is very important for children to seek help if they are victims. Children who learn strategies and get advice on how to handle bullying are less victimized. They feel empowered because they know what to do. The bullies know they are strong and they are less likely to bully them. Seek help and advice from a trusted parent and teacher.

If you know someone who is being bullied seek help and advice.

By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

Many children are afraid to help victims because they are afraid of the bully.

The consequences are powerful and well meaning children think twice before they STEP UP to help the victim.

Children need to be guided by a well meaning adult on how to report a bully and on how to get help when they know they need help.

Open communication with parents, and teachers is very important.

Children should learn how to report bullies without the bullies knowing who reported them.

Once bullies are reported and action is taken to reduce bullying children are happier. The bully is less likely to bully.

A responsible teacher and administrator should help the bully to take responsibility for
the bully actions and guide the bully to change the bully behavior.

By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

I believe we need to honour children leaders who STEP UP and try to put a stop to bullying.

As adults we know how difficult it is to stand up to a bully.

Just imagine how difficult it is for a well meaning child to STEP UP.

What is extraordinary about these children who are leaders is that they do STEP UP.

They feel and they understand what the right thing is to do.

They take action.

My congratulations to Tommy who was featured on Ellen DeGeneres show
this Friday, December 13th, 2013.

Tommy is a hero because he understood what to do and how to influence
the children around him to stop bullying Danny.

He is a true leader and hero.

Congratulations to Ellen for honouring Tommy.

By honouring Tommy, she is also honouring the many children leaders who
attempt to stop bullying.

These children leaders are true heroes.

By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

I wish to thank all the awesome children, teachers, principals, parents and staff of the many schools I visited where I read my book Heavy Hitter. It was fun to read Heavy Hitter to the children and to also see them participate voluntarily in the various drama activities. These drama strategies provided opportunity for the children to role play the characters in the story “Heavy Hitter.”

I welcomed the feedback and I am very happy to hear that Heavy Hitter is a story which many find inspirational.


By: Anna Maria Hrubizna

Many children are bothered by the negative actions of other children. When children see others being bullied, they really do not like the bullying. They do not feel good inside about the situation. Many children walk away not because they do not care, they walk away because it is a negative situation and they feel if they tell on the bullies they will be the next victims.

One good action is to take action and report the bullying to their parents.The parents can secretly phone the school and talk to the teachers and administrators about the bullying which at times takes place on the playground when no one is watching or listening. Teachers cannot see everything around them because there are so many children to supervise. Administrators also need to be informed because they also cannot possibly see everything which goes on.

Taking action means to take action in a safe and positive way.

In Heavy Hitter Anna Maria took action because she felt supported by her teacher and classmates. Becky finally became a hero because she felt supported and respected. The bullies saw they could not get away with their negative actions so the bullying stopped.